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The Second Mass and Its Fighting Californians

A Reference site of images, articles, artifacts of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry including the Cal 100 and the Cal Battalion.

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Articles and References


2nd Mass Flag Page

Regimental Demographics

Regimental Insignia

Valorus Dearborn's Diary

Lt. Charles Roberts Diary

The Journal and Colt of George Buhrer

Captured by Mosby's Men (Dranesville/Anker's Shop)

Leesburg Skirmish: from two perspectives

Yankee Davis: Colonel Lowell's Scout

2nd Mass' Medals of Honor

Letter from Philip Baybutt (MOH winner)

Reception of the California Company

Mosby Baptizes the Californians (Mt. Zions Church)

John Cain's Andersonville Testimony

Lt. Parker comments on Mosby

Patriot Preacher: Thomas Starr King 

Pvt. McCarthy's One Page History

AKA Charles Hill

Corporal Hanscom's Letters Home

Execution of a Traitor

A Mutineer's Bullet

Charlie Binns, Union Man and Scout

Pringle Letters, the capture and death of a trooper 

Sgt. Wakefield and the Little White Church

Personal Recollections of George Towle

The Golden Age

Who Killed Captain Reed?

Graves at Arcola

Surgeon Johnson's Fate 

Memorials: A Photographic Album of our Veterans' Grave Sites

"The Scout" a poem by by Herman Melville


Suggested Reading

bookcover.jpg (36687 bytes)  California Sabers, The Second Massachusetts in the Civil War by James McLean.  Available from and in bookstores.

ParsonCover.jpg (18101 bytes)  Bear Flag and Bay State: The Californians of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry by Tom Parsons Available October 17th 2001.  Pre-order your copy now on

RogersCover.jpg (18725 bytes)  Their Horses Climbed Trees by Larry Rogers.  Available October 2001 at

Life and Letters of Charles Russell Lowell, Captain Sixth United States Cavalry, Colonel Second Massachusetts Cavalry, Brigadier General United States Volunteers. Lowell, Charles Russell, edited by Edward Waldo Emerson. Boston: 1907.

"The Sojourn of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry in Vienna." by Harrison, Noel. Northern Virginia Heritage, 7 (June 1985), pp. 11-12.

"Jubal Early and the Californians"
by Mike Fitzpatrick Civil War Times Illustrated, May 1998

"Thirty Years Later  'I will clean them out or I will not come back' " by Richard K. Tibbals CWTI, April, 1986

"Go East, Young Man," by Richard K. Tibbals Military Images, Vol. 5 #6 May 1984

and from the Southern perspective:

Partisan Life with Mosby, by Major John Scott, 1867
Mosby's Rangers, by James J. Williamson, 1896
Ranger Mosby, by Virgil Carrington Jones, 1944
Gray Ghost The Life of Col. John Singleton Mosby, James A. Ramage, 1999