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The Second Mass and Its Fighting Californians

A Reference site of images, articles, artifacts of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry including the Cal 100 and the Cal Battalion.

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Regimental and Company Flags

Guidon5hi.jpg (27469 bytes)   [More info]
Company M Guidon, Mike Sorenson Collection
Bear Flag.jpg (44912 bytes)
Bear Flag Guidon (California Hundred), California State Capital Museum.
guidonE5hi.jpg (38127 bytes)
Company E Guidon, West Point Museum
State Flag.jpg (39811 bytes)
Relic Regimental Colors, State House, Boston
RegFlag7hi.jpg (80789 bytes) Albumen Photo of the "Crowninshield Flag".   Flag_Lord.jpg (18247 bytes) 
The "Abbie Lord" Flag.  Handmade and presented to the Hundred by Miss Lord, a member of the Bunker Hill Society, January 14, 1863 at a reception shortly after they arrived in Boston.  It was too large for campaign use but held a place of great honor when it was used to enshroud  Captain Reed's remains.  George W. Towle returned it, along with the Bear Guidon, to San Francisco after the War.  It now resides in the California State Capital Museum.  Photo and summary courtesy of Keith and Larry Rogers
pennant.jpg (41197 bytes)
Photograph of the "Crowninshield Flag" (at left) now in the California Statehouse collection.
Flag3.jpg (47945 bytes) National flag originally presented to the Battalion upon their departure from San Francisco in March, 1863.  It was returned in 1865 by Major Thompson and he was responsible for adding the honors.  He carried it in the 1896 Washington's birthday parade at age 70.  It is shown in its 1886 condition (color enhanced) and is now in the California State Archives. 


Daniel Norcross, manufacturer of regalia and banners, San Francisco, donated the five company guidons, three of which are shown above.  The bear on the Hundred's guidon was painted by F. Nutz, a local San Francisco sign painter. photo courtesy of Pioneer Society of California,