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The Second Mass and Its Fighting Californians

A Reference site of images, articles, artifacts of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry including the Cal 100 and the Cal Battalion.

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Click on the icons for an enlarged view of these authentic artifacts from members of the Second Mass.  Be sure to visit links too.

Flagstaff02.jpg (463298 bytes)    Flagstaff presentation plaque.  Likely from the Crowninshield Flag (Flag Page)  01BookCover.jpg (46946 bytes) Abbie Lord's Autograph Book (autograph listing) 
Guidon5hi.jpg (27469 bytes)   Original Guidon of Company M of the California Battalion (Flag Page) Marks.jpg (369201 bytes)   Henry Marks' ID Disc
Lowell Bullet.jpg (124615 bytes)   The story of the Lowell/Pendergast Bullet  BuhrerJournal.jpg (39307 bytes)   George Buhrer's Colt and Journal
Slouchat.jpg (7573 bytes)  Capt. Smith's Slouch Hat (Smith's biography) WelchSword.jpg (205120 bytes)   Lt. Welch's inscribed saber (Welch's biography)
    Captain Reed's Saber. (Reed's biography) HaleSwd5hi.jpg (48266 bytes)   Lt. Hale's inscribed saber and ID disc (Hale's biography)
Hepbrn5_5hi.jpg (45649 bytes)   Lieutenant Hepburn's presentation saber (Hepburn's biography) Robert6.jpg (11324 bytes)   Lt. Robert's cavalry sword (Robert's biography and Diary transcript)
FoggColt2.jpg (180133 bytes)   Nathan Fogg's Colt  WashburnItems.jpg (142688 bytes)   Francis Washburn's Relics (and biography)
 2MSSaber(a).jpg (22203 bytes)   2nd Mass marked Cavalry Saber  ShurtleffMess.jpg (40021 bytes)  John Shurtleff's Mess Kit
pipesmall.jpg (5792 bytes)   Abraham Loane's POW pipe (Loane's biography). LoaneColt.jpg (121547 bytes)   Abraham Loane's captured Mosby Colt
CartBoxWoods.jpg (169526 bytes)   James Wood's Spencer Cartridge Box stencil.jpg (10483 bytes)   George Small's dug stencil
CavTactics.jpg (232644 bytes)    Charles Hanson's Cavalry Tactics Book Barnstead Bible.jpg (1421389 bytes)  Thomas Barnstead's New Testament
 Burnside_all.jpg (44110 bytes)   California Hundred marked Burnside carbine HoweSpencer2 (2).jpg (178358 bytes)   Wesley Howe's Spencer
Laddrbdg5hi.jpg (38175 bytes)   Ladder Badge. Kimball Pin.jpg (211982 bytes)  Modified Cavalry Badge
Dug2Mass.jpg (102663 bytes)   Excavated artifacts from Second Mass campsites in Virginia 2MassPleasant3.jpg (176859 bytes)   Pleasant Reading for our Soldiers
cmjeagp.jpg (49731 bytes)  Discharges, Documents, Newspapers, and Certificates (go to Ephemera Page)