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The Second Mass and Its Fighting Californians

A Reference site of images, articles, artifacts of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry including the Cal 100 and the Cal Battalion.

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Discharges, Documents, and Certificates

Shown below are various documents relating to men in the Command.  Each, in its own right, illustrates an event in a soldier's career from his first military commitment to his last obligation.  Click on each image to read them and discover more.  If you have a different type of document you'd like to share, please contact the site's host at

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Regimental Recruiting Letterhead Mass. Commission Massachusetts Service Certificate Paymaster Document
WCManningDoc.jpg (93811 bytes) abepard.jpg (216042 bytes) AnderSurvivor.jpg (132405 bytes) cmjeagp.jpg (49731 bytes)
Captain Manning's final accountability Application for Pardon Andersonville Survivors Association U.S. "Eagle" Discharge
CertifBrenner.jpg (75100 bytes) cmjcalp.jpg (137926 bytes) CalBatCert.jpg (108735 bytes) GManningLetter.jpg (58773 bytes)
California Battalion Certificate, Brenner California Battalion Certificate, Jenkins California Battalion Certificate, Merrill Captain Manning's letter to Colt Mfg.
engagements.jpg (118435 bytes) 2MassLtr.jpg (823640 bytes) AltaCalifornia Guidons.jpg (3072615 bytes) Boston 2.jpg (1547729 bytes)
J. D. McCarthy's list of 41 engagements Letter against promotion Alta California Article Pendergast Affair Clipping
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Newspaper 6.jpg (530226 bytes) Newspaper 7.jpg (202171 bytes) Newspaper 8.jpg (380457 bytes) Newspaper Smith 1.jpg (258289 bytes)
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Newspaper Clippings