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The Second Mass and Its Fighting Californians

A Reference site of images, articles, artifacts of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry including the Cal 100 and the Cal Battalion.

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The Second Mass Today

Members of the FTHA and NCWA Cal 100 groups at the Fresno, CA event 10/99

The Fort Tejon (California) Hundred

left to right front row: Pvt. Scott Anderson, Pvt. Mike Schmeiser, Pvt. John Schmeiser, Cpl. Bob Crebbs, Cpl. Wayne Sherman, Cpl. Mike Waterbury (ncwa), General Tyler Brink.
standing: Cpl. Ed Agiular, Pvt. Tim Stubbie, Pvt. Clay Tawzer, Pvt. Mike Albert, Pvt Gary McIntyre, Pvt. Rudy Monnarez, Pvt. Phil Harley, 1st Sergt. Ernie Brink, Lieut. James Reed.

This page is dedicated to the re-enactors who keep the memory of the California Volunteers literally alive.  An event calendar, rosters, recognition, etc. will be added when received.

Link to Cal 100 Fort Tejon Historical Assn.