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The Second Mass and Its Fighting Californians

A Reference site of images, articles, artifacts of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry including the Cal 100 and the Cal Battalion.

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An album of gravesites where the veterans of the Hundred, the Battalion and the Second Massachusetts are laid to rest.

Photos courtesy of Larry Rogers unless otherwise noted.

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Abraham Loane, Greenlawn Cemetery, Colma, CA J. Sewall Reed, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Mattapan, Mass. Charles Russell Lowell, Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass. Thomas Starr King, San Francisco, CA

From Starr's obituary by Bret Harte, March 4, 1864


Came the Relief. "What, Sentry, ho! How passed the night through thy long waking?" "Cold, cheerless, dark, -as may befit The hour before the dawn is breaking."

"No sight? no sound?" "No; nothing save The plover from the marshes calling, And in yon western sky, about An hour ago, a Star was falling."

"A star? There’s nothing strange in that." "No, nothing; but above the thicket, Somehow it seemed to me that God Somewhere had just relieved a picket."

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Charles M. Jenkins
Evergreen Cemetary,
Los Angeles
photo Wayne Sherman
C. Mason Kinne
National Cemetery Presidio San Francisco
Phillip Baybutt
Southern Cemetery, Manchester, England

Anne Hughes of New Balderton, Newark, Notts. England