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The Second Mass and Its Fighting Californians

A Reference site of images, articles, artifacts of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry including the Cal 100 and the Cal Battalion.

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Images: The California Hundred (Co. A)

Over 2500 men served in the Second Massachusetts.  If you have an image of one of them, please send it to for inclusion in this reference site.

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The Hundred
The Battalion
Co.'s B, C, D, G, H, I, K

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Jsreed3hi.jpg (9521 bytes) Jsreed2_3hi.jpg (9977 bytes) reed6hi.jpg (38250 bytes) Reed_CDV6.jpg (77535 bytes) Reed J S Co A 5.jpg (114951 bytes) smith1.jpg (10288 bytes) Armstrong Hugh Co A Mollus.jpg (108319 bytes) Armstrong9hi.jpg (44433 bytes) Plummer George Co A.jpg (113248 bytes)
J. Sewall Reed Captain Co. A
KIA 2/22/64

J. Sewall Reed as a pre-war California Militiaman Rufus W. Smith
Lt Co. F, Capt Co. A
Hugh Armstrong
Capt., Co. A


George Plummer
Lt. Co. A
M. Sorenson USAMHI MOLLUS W. Sherman W. Sherman
mcintosh.jpg (19875 bytes) Howe2.jpg (197209 bytes) kenne5hi.jpg (25941 bytes) Kinne9hi.jpg (35187 bytes) Kinne C Mason Co A Mollus.jpg (115766 bytes) sim5hi.jpg (18769 bytes) Alfred Lee Alfred Lee white5hi.jpg (17442 bytes) White2_CoA.jpg (28841 bytes)
Isaac McIntosh
Lt. Co. A, 
Capt. Co. D
Wesley C. Howe
Lt. Co. A
C. Mason Kinne
Lt. Co. A
& Reg. Adjutant
John W. Sim
Lt. Co. A
Alfred Lee, Bugler, 
Co. A
died  4/7/64
Peter White
Bugler, Co. A
USAMHI MOLLUS W. D. Langlois W. Sherman MOLLUS USAMHI Dennis Case Brown W. Sherman W. Sherman M. Sorenson

Allan9hi.jpg (44579 bytes)

Anthony_CoA.jpg (36203 bytes)

Balcom Darnley Co A Mollus.jpg (105173 bytes) Barnstead T D Co A.jpg (116554 bytes) Charles Benjamin Bumgardner CoA.jpg (152986 bytes) campbell5hi.jpg (23070 bytes) Chandler Wm Strauder Co A.jpg (135313 bytes) Corbett9hi.jpg (42200 bytes)

cunningham5hi.jpg (25810 bytes)

Charles E. Allan
(as Capt. 5th Mass Cavalry)
Sgt. William G. Anthony Co. A Darnley Balcom
Co. A
T. D. Barnstead
Co. A
Charles Benjamin
Co. A
Wm. H.H. Bumgardner
Corp. Co. A
Edward Campbell
Co. A
William Strauder Chandler
Co. A
Samuel J Corbett,
Co. A
William Cunningham
Co. A
W. Sherman Michael Anthony MOLLUS M. Sorenson M. Sorenson Ron Cannon Oakland Museum of California History David Chandler W. Sherman W. Sherman

Demsy.jpg (47415 bytes)

fillebrown.jpg (14455 bytes) fletcher5hi1.jpg (25060 bytes) fletcher5hi2.jpg (23704 bytes) hill5hi.jpg (21391 bytes) hilliard5hi.jpg (22308 bytes) holt5hi.jpg (26856 bytes) Hussey15hi.jpg (21821 bytes) Johnson7hi.jpg (17317 bytes) Johnson2.jpg (164095 bytes)
Cyrus Demsey
Co. A 
Henry Fillebrown
Co. A
John Fletcher
Co. A
John A. Hill
Cpl. Co. A
W. H. Hilliard
Co. A
George Holt
Co. A
Will Hussey
Co. A
George M Johnson
Co. A
W. Sherman M. Sorenson
Vallejo Museum/USAMHI W. Sherman Vallejo Museum/USAMHI Vallejo Museum/USAMHI M. Fitzpatrick M. Sorenson
Jones_CoA.jpg (29559 bytes) Loane5hi.jpg (28929 bytes) Loring John CoA.jpg (27811 bytes) mazy5hi.jpg (21430 bytes) mcneil5hi.jpg (15883 bytes) McNeil William H Co A.jpg (91051 bytes) Nixon_CoA.jpg (36972 bytes) UnknownCoA.jpg (92724 bytes) Parker Robert M Co A.jpg (90132 bytes) Parker5hi.jpg (17729 bytes)
Charles L. Jones
Co. A
Abraham Loane
Co. A
John E. Loring
Co. A
Henry Mazy
Co. A
William McNeil
Co. A
Joseph Nixon
Co. A
Robert M. Parker
Co. A
Robt. M. Parker
 (shown as Lt. 5th Mass Cav.)
Jeff Randolph Vallejo Museum/USAMHI Joe Loring

Vallejo Museum/USAMHI

M. Sorenson M. Sorenson Rick Carlile M. Sorenson MOLLUS
Quant Fred Co A Regt Band.jpg (83549 bytes)

quant5hi.jpg (22338 bytes)

Robinson2_CoA.jpg (45919 bytes)

Robinson_CoA.jpg (52346 bytes) Sielski5hi.jpg (18403 bytes) Sherwin CoA.jpg (101742 bytes) Towle7hi.jpg (19134 bytes) watson0001.jpg (158248 bytes) watson0002.jpg (91784 bytes) Watson9hi.jpg (47685 bytes)
Frederick Quant
Regimental Band and Co. A
Wm. A. Robinson
Co. A
Wm. A. Robinson
(shown as Lt. of Staff)
Joseph Sielski, 
Co. A
Henry Sherwin, 
Co. A
George W Towle
Co. A
James Watson
Ferrier, Co. A


M. Sorenson Vallejo Museum/USAMHI M. Sorenson USAMHI M. Sorenson Rick Carlile W. Sherman Michael Watson Grady M. Sorenson


Wheat_CoA.jpg (31020 bytes) Winship_CoA.jpg (19884 bytes) Winship2_CoA.jpg (29486 bytes) UnID_A1a.jpg (17575 bytes) UnID_A1b.jpg (20678 bytes) UnIDdTin.jpg (28690 bytes) Unid.jpg (13535 bytes) Unid1_5hi.jpg (23713 bytes) UnID Co A 6.jpg (35490 bytes)
James L. Wheat
Co. A
Wheat shown as Lt. 5th Mass Cav John Winship
Co. A
Unknown Co. A Unknown Co. A Unknown Co. A
(possibly Demsey)
Unknown Co. A Unknown Co. A


MOLLUS Rick Carlile M. Sorenson Rick Carlile W. Sherman W. Sherman Sorenson/USAMHI Rick Carlile