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The Second Mass and Its Fighting Californians

A Reference site of images, articles, artifacts of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry including the Cal 100 and the Cal Battalion.

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Images: Co.'s B, C, D, G, H, I, & K

Over 2500 men served in the Second Massachusetts.  If you have an image of one of them, please send it to for inclusion in this reference site.

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The Hundred
The Battalion
Co.'s B, C, D, G, H, I, K

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Company B

UnID_slouch.jpg (12134 bytes)

Forbes5.jpg (161327 bytes)

Dabney5hi.jpg (18931 bytes)

Dabney Lewis Co B Mollus.jpg (109323 bytes)

Cabot_CoB.jpg (14879 bytes)

Baldwin5hi.jpg (20857 bytes)


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Wm. H. Forbes
Capt. Co. B
 Lewis Dabney
Lt. Co. D, Capt. Co. B
Louis Cabot 
Capt. Co. B
Josiah A. Baldwin
Lt. Co.'s L & B


Amos L. Cook
 Co. B
Rick Carlile

M. Sorenson

R. Carlile/M. Sorenson



W. Sherman

  M. Sorenson



Company C

Phillips_CoC.jpg (13534 bytes) Richards_CoC.jpg (16291 bytes)     Emery5MA.jpg (12527 bytes) Emery Cyrus Co C Mollus.jpg (245113 bytes) fallon.jpg (39042 bytes) Kimball Horace Cpl Co C.jpg (26412 bytes)  
John Phillips
Capt. Co. C
John T,. Richards
Capt. Co. C
    Cyrus Emery 
Co. C (shown as Lt. 5th Mass Cav)
Daniel Fallon
 Co. C
Solon Kimball
Co. C
Company D
Washburn5hi.jpg (16861 bytes) Rice1.jpg (24371 bytes) Rummery5hi.jpg (19541 bytes) Ball_CoD.jpg (19985 bytes) Ball Warren Co D Mollus.jpg (144470 bytes) Payson Charles Co I Mollus.jpg (113895 bytes)   Fauteaux_CoD.jpg (64757 bytes) ford5hi.jpg (21443 bytes)  
Francis Washburn
Capt. Co. D
Brevet Brig. General with the 4th Mass. Cavalry
Charles E. Rice
Capt. Co. D
William Rummery
Lt. Co. A 
Capt. Co. D, Major
Warren Josiah Ball
Lt. Co. D
Charles Payson
Lt. Co. D
  Louis G.A. Fauteaux
Co. D
Martin Ford
Co. D
M. Sorenson M. Sorenson MOLLUS MOLLUS MOLLUS   Jeff Randolph M. Sorenson  
Company G
McKendry Archibald Co A Mollus.jpg (122479 bytes)   Amory_CoG.jpg (15504 bytes) Parker_CoH.jpg (11434 bytes) WmWellsCoH.jpg (14928 bytes) Chapman Richard Co G.jpg (99272 bytes) Hitchcock Henry Co.G.jpeg (98995 bytes) Johnston_CoG.jpg (9436 bytes) Jordan Isaac B Co G.jpg (94490 bytes) Taylor2.jpg (51120 bytes)
Archibald McKendry
Capt. Co. G
  Charles W. Amory
Lt. Co. G
William W. Parker
Lt. Co. G
William S. Wells
Lt. Co. H
Richard Chapman
Co. G
(in his VRC uniform)
Henry M. Hitchcock
Co. G
Alexander Johnston
shown as Lt. 54th Mass
Isaac B. Jordan
Co. G


Thomas Taylor
Co. G

M. Sorenson

John H.E. Baxter MOLLUS M. Sorenson M. Sorenson
Company H
Blagden1.jpg (11349 bytes) Blagden2.jpg (12928 bytes) papanti5hi.jpg (29195 bytes)            
George Blagden
Captain, Co. H
Augustus Papanti
Lt., Co. H
    M. Sorenson Abraham Lincoln Library & Museum Harrogate, TN            
Company I
Alvord5hi.jpg (12974 bytes) HenryAlvordCoK.jpg (22287 bytes) PelegIrwin.jpg (17171 bytes)   Walcott_Co_I.jpg (53521 bytes)   Hammond Charles Co I.jpg (135877 bytes) Richards John Co C Mollus.jpg (116741 bytes)   Wilkins Luther Co I.jpg (89770 bytes)
Henry Alvord
Lt. Co. K Capt Co. I
Peleg Irwin
Lt. Co. I


  Huntington F. Wolcott
Lt. Co. I
(died 6/9/65)
  Charles Hammond
Co. I
John Robinson
Sgt. Co. I
  Luther Wilkins
Co. I



M. Sorenson

M. Sorenson   Rick Carlile   M. Sorenson MOLLUS   M. Sorenson
Company K
Stone G Co K.jpg (35294 bytes) Stone Goodwin Co K Mollus 2.jpg (112338 bytes) Stone Goodwin Co K Mollus.jpg (96213 bytes)

Fox_CoG.jpg (10872 bytes)

  Poulson Lewis Co K.jpg (91116 bytes)        
Goodwin Stone, Capt. Co. K. (& L) Died from wounds received at Aldie, 7/18/64 Charles B. Fox
Lt. Co. K
shown as colonel 55th Mass
  Lewis Poulson
Co. K